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IATSE Payroll Service
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Las Vegas




Total Crew Services is an IATSE payroll service company for union stage, theatrical, and trade show labor at the lowest cost to you.

How Does it Work?
Total Crew Services will process your IATSE payroll, store employee records, distribute paychecks, and make all payroll deposits and obligations including:
After your event you are billed for all payroll costs on a single invoice. One check to Total Crew Services and you're done!

Estimates for Any Event
We can provide an estimate of labor costs based on your city, venue, schedule and personnel needs, call or send us an e-mail.

Full IATSE Payroll Services
IATSE payroll service for any local in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington.

Deposits and Payments
A 50% deposit is required prior to your event. The balance will be invoiced on a Net 15 basis. We accept Master Card and Visa

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